Thursday, April 1, 2010

MY Official Cardboard Junkie 2010 Heritage Fantasy Blaster Break and Team

I'm tired just from typing that title. Cardboard Junkie, AKA Dayf, is holding the first annual 2010 Heritage Blaster Fantasy League. I think it's up to about 643 participants. Or something like that. I took the opportunity to video the break and post it on very first effort at such a thing. I should have entered that rap contest held by Mojo and Beardy.

Anyway, here, if I can get it embedded, is the video. Be kind, it's my first time. "That's what she said".

I'll post my team choices shortly. Thanks for watching.


  1. hey! really great first attempt man. The volume was good, and you could see the cards...

    not a bad team either...