Sunday, May 22, 2011

Free 2011 Bowman--Packs 1 and 2

This first post has no pics. I know, I suck.

I'll try to get at least one photo per pack the rest of the way.

Pack 1
Sean Ratliff, 1st Bowman Card--Mets

Jarek Cunningham, 1st BC--Pirates

David Ortiz (admiring his guns)--Red Sox

Justin Verlander--Tigers

Jacoby Ellsbury--Red Sox

Greg Halman RC--Mariners

Ryan Braun International--Brewers

Blake Smith, 1st BC Chrome--Dodgers

Joel Carreno, 1st BC Chrome--Blue Jays

Jimmy Rollins gold parallel--Phillies

Pack 2--This pack came with an extra card!

Eduardo Escobar, 1st BC--White Sox

Rymer Liriano, 1st BC--Padres

Kosuke Fukudome--Cubs

Andre Ethier--Dodgers

Mark Trumbo RC--Angels (Cool shot of the scoreboard at the Angels park. It looks like Trumbo is walking to the on-deck circle and the Angels' version of the dot race is on the scoreboard.)

Adam Dunn--White Sox

Mike Moustakas, Topps 100--Royals

Mason Williams, 1st BC Chrome--Yankees

Anthony Vasquez, 1st BC Chrome--Mariners

Magglio Ordonez gold parallel, Tigers

and the extra card is....

Daniel Hudson gold parallel, Diamondbacks

I feel certain that a Bryce Harper Prospect Autograph Blue Parallel is in this blaster. I mean they only fall 1:19,500 packs.

It could happen.

I'll have at least 4 more packs posted tomorrow, including a running total of the number of cards for each team.

After two packs we have a five way tie between the Dodger, Sox (Red and White), Mariners and Tigers. Of course they only have two cards each so it's still anyone's game.

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