Thursday, May 19, 2011

Two down...and 53 down

I've managed to get two Rangers Diamond Die Cuts through trading on the Diamond Giveaway site. There are 8 different Rangers available, not counting the black versions numbered to 60.

Someone offered me Nelson Cruz for my Colbey Rasmus die cut. I pulled the trigger on that one immediately. It was kind of nice to be offered a card I actually wanted.

I offered my Dan Haren die cut for every other Ranger die cut and the first offer that was accepted brought Neftali into my collection.

I've tried a variety of other offers for the other Rangers, but to no avail. No worries. We still have series two to go.

On the ring front, I'm up to 53 unique rings.

I have all the Legacy Team and Player rings. I'm only missing Arizona, Cleveland, Oakland, Pittsburgh, San Diego, Tampa Bay and Washington. I still haven't figured out a way to safely sell the Mantle ring so I guess when I get that 60th ring, I'll get the Topps ring.

Has anyone that has "dug" a package of 70's or 80's cards actually received their pack in the mail? I noticed one guy who received a pack of 1977 cards, but he didn't get anyone of note in his pack.


  1. Nice job. I've got Kinsler and Young, and will need to build up my trade fodder to try to get Cruz. I'd love to get the Hamilton too!

  2. I have 65 cards on the Diamond site now. I have offered many trades but nobody ever accepts them. I even have been offering older cards for newer. Like offering a common 64 card for a common 65 card of a Red Sox or a 77 for a 79 but no one ever bites. Since you turned a bunch of nothing into some 54s last year do you have any advice?

  3. PatP - I've got a Padres ring if you want it. Email me at uncle_docs_closet at yahoo dot com if you want to set up a time to trade.

    AdamE - I've been doing the opposite, going one year back at a time, and have had good success. My exploits are on my blog (

  4. I've got the Washington Nationals ring, assuming that's the Washington you need. If you have any to trade I'll take anything but:
    Atlanta Braves
    Baltimore Orioles
    NY Yankees
    Boston Braves
    Milwaukee Braves
    Ozzie Smith
    Roy Campanella
    Stan Musial

  5. I checked my ring stash and don't have anything, wish I could help.

  6. The ring thing I don't understand. I'll have to see what I have. I check about once every 2 weeks, which means I probably have 146 offers for my Sandy Koufax ring.

    I'm trying to get someone to trade me a Dodger diamond cut with my Marlon Byrd diamond cut, but no one's interested.

  7. I just wish i was able to play along with all you folks having fun...

    Target is coming in 1 1/2 years.... until then...........

  8. I'll send you the Oakland and SD rings, just offer up any other ring and email or post your username so I know whose offer to accept.

  9. If the other trades don't work I have Cleveland, Oakland and Washington. I'll trade for any dupes you have. Love to see you get to all 60 rings.

  10. Guys, thanks for offering the rings I need. Right now, I don't have any dupes to trade. I have 53 different rings and probably won't get anymore codes until series 2 comes out.

    Adam, during the MCG contest thing I did last year, I offered massive quantities of cards for those two '54s I ended up with. I made about 30 offers if I remember correctly. It just took the right person to accept the offer. As more cards get unlocked, you'll have better luck getting trades accepted. At least that was my experience last year.