Wednesday, May 11, 2011

A full house beats a pair

If you watched the Daily Dimwits Gypsy Queen Break, you know how out of whack the collation was on the Bronze parallels, or paper border parallels, or whatever those things are called. If you didn't I submit, for your viewing please, a poker hand.

We have the Rangers vs. the Dodgers, the two teams I had in the break.

The Rangers pulled out an impressive pair of bronze parallels. Two Nolan Ryans. These were amazingly enough, sequential in number. Numbers 548 and 549 out of 999. Not a bad hand if you ask me and a real bonus for the Dimwit since he collects Ryan. He'll be getting one of these back.

Let's see if the Dodgers can come up with a better hand.

I hope the Dodgers went all in, because a full house beats a pair any day. We have Kershaws (918 and 919/999) over Kemps (3, 4 and 5/999). Getting multiples of one player is weird, but getting the sequential numbering is weirder. I guess it gives a little insight into how they packaged the cards, but hey fellas, how about putting different players in the boxes.

The Dimwit's contest to gather more Bronze borders will be earning him one each of the Kershaws and Kemps, and I'll be keeping the others until I decide how much I like the set. If I don't end up trying to collect all of them, I'll be offering them up.


  1. wouldn't it be Kemps over Kershaws?

  2. Probably. I like to play cards, but that's all I do is play.

  3. I will be standing first in line when you offer them up.

  4. Head over to my blog... a video you will want to see!

    Expect a package later this week!