Wednesday, May 11, 2011

A Wicked Nomination

I'm not a Navy Seal, but I'm not a sissy man either. I might have shed a tear when I got married, my sons were born, my father died and I got to take my son to see the Rangers play in the World Series. I stress the word might.

There is no way I would even get a little bit emotional about cards. Is there?

Actually, I might have done exactly that a couple of times recently. The second time was when I got some card "care" packages for my son after he broke his leg. I'll be posting those soon.

The first time was a little package of greatness from none other than Wicked Ortega, aka The Don, of My Past Time...I Love It!

He sent over a package with a few Rangers in it including this one.

This is a 2009 Derek Holland Blue Refractor #145/199. I know a certain Owl who thinks the Dodgers look good on blue refractors, but I think the Rangers do too. This card is a much appreciated addition to my collection.

However, it was the next card that got me. Or maybe I got dirt in my eye.

When the great Duke Snider passed away recently, I lamented the fact that I never got around to sending him a TTM request. That sounds a little cold, but I don't mean it that way.

Anyway, Wicked Ortega mailed me this awesome 2007 Topps Distinguished Veteran Duke Snider that he got TTM. The attached note said, "You said you never got the chance to get him TTM. Well here's the chance from me to you! Wicked!"

How awesome is that? Like many of us, I'm completely blown away by the generosity of the bloggers/traders out there, but Wicked Ortega takes it to a whole new level. This card definitely moves into a cherished spot in my collection and I thank Al so much for sending it.

I don't think he even knew I'm trying to start collecting cards that feature the U.S. Navy in any way.

Consider this the nomination for Wicked Ortega for Trader of the Year.


Now, if you'll excuse me, I need to go get this dust out of my eye.

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  1. Very generous! Glad you got to add Duke to your collection.