Thursday, May 12, 2011

My Mickey Mantle Ring

I had decided to sell my virtual Mickey Mantle ring on Ebay after seeing what that other ring was going for. That probably isn't going to happen now.

You know the story. Apparently there are only 60 of these rings available on the site. It is the one impossible, or nearly impossible, ring to dig in order to get all 60 rings necessary to get the Topps ring.

I couldn't find a verified completed auction even though about 3 or 4 of the Mantle rings had been listed for sale at one time. The Blowout forum revealed that Ebay was taking the auctions down, claiming virtual prizes could not be sold on the site due to copyright laws. I guess that means I'll be keeping the Mantle ring.

Unless I figure out another way to move it.


  1. I will trade you my 1990 Topps Cal Ripkin for it... come on, that's a totally legit deal! #jokediamondtoppsoffers

  2. What kind of deal would you like to make !? email me please