Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Tomorrow, tomorow...

I'll announce the winner of the May Contest...tomorrow.

It's only a day..a..way. I've written the post, but still need to do the randomization.

Brief side trip, I went to Target today looking for Gypsy Queen. They had nary a pack, a blaster nor even a spot on the shelves for any GQ. In my rage I purchased another Topps Value pack. I couldn't resist after the luck I had with my last one. You know, the one I posted about earlier today.

What's that? You didn't read that post? For goodness sakes, go read it right now. I'll wait.

Well, cardwise, the Value Pack didn't measure up. The powers that reign over the Diamond Giveaway site did smile on me with a 1968 card and my second Die-Cut card. I'll bet you want to see them.

Sorry, I've yet to sleep today and I'm whipped.

I'll post those pics tomorrow.

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