Friday, May 27, 2011

Where did my posts go?

Well, my Bowman N.L. East for trade post showed up as scheduled. The N.L. Central version should have posted last hour, but it didn't. I checked and all the other divisional posts, including the A.L. ones, are gone. They were scheduled, but they aren't in the queue.

Anybody else having similar issues?

I guess I'll rewrite those and post them next week unless they show up.


  1. I'm not missing posts, but my followers list is blank. This seems to be an epidemic that started sometime on Thursday, and from the dates on a yahoo help search it is a problem that has happened before. The total number of visitors still shows up on my dashboard, but now it is as if all of them are "private".

  2. There is some kind of ongoing problem with Blogger. I could not sign in the last few days. I had been using Firefox and today I used Internet Explorer and got in.

  3. Just for the record Blogger fixed the Followers thing sometime on Saturday. They appear to be back on most of the blogs I've been visiting now.