Tuesday, November 29, 2011

$30/week doesn't cover postage

That's not entirely true, but I know the more I trade, the more money I spend on postage. That may seem like a dumb thing to say because of how obvious it is, but if you've traded much at all, you know it's true.

That didn't keep Robert of $30 a week habit from sending me a package. I've been trying to help him with his Serial Numbered Insanity project and he sent me a few cards in return.

Here they are in no particular order. That's not true. It's a particular order I selected.

Here we have a Topps 60 Fergie Jenkins from this year's Topps juggernaut. It's nice to see Fergie get some Ranger love and I dig that old school Rangers hat and the hair is happenin'. I know most people associate Fergie with the Cubs because he did have 6 consecutive 20 win seasons in Chi-town (1967-1972). However, he was no slouch in Texas piling up 93 of his 284 career wins. He won a career high 25 games in 1974 and played a total of 6 years in Texas during his two stints with the team.

Don't get too tipsy looking at this Adrian Beltre liquorfractor.

Here we have a card unlike any I've seen before. I was still out of collecting in 2007, so I never pulled any of these 2007 Series 2 relics. While Mark Teixeira isn't my favorite player, I like the design with the bat chip window in the shape of home plate. Of course, it looks like they just threw it on the card anywhere they could squeeze it, but I'm used to that.

The card commmemorates a game on July 13, 2006 when Mark hit 3 homers against the Orioles. In that game Mark went 3-5 with 3 homers and 7 RBISs. The Rangers and O's were tied 1-1 after 5 innings, but Mark hit a solo shot in the 6th, a 2-run shot in the 8th and a 3-run homer in the 9th to lead Texas to a 15-1 win.

If you pull any serial numbered cards, keep Robert and his project in mind. Thanks for the great cards Robert! I'm sure I'll have more to send you soon.


  1. I have a Vernon Wells relic from the same set and agree with you that the home plate window is really cool. The Wells has a great dark blue swatch, which aren't that common for Jays relics.

  2. Glad to do it Brian, I wish I had more to send your way for the generosity you've provided me.

  3. Just completed my first trade with Robert... and he's top notch. That project of his is one of the coolest and creative I've seen.