Tuesday, November 1, 2011

November contest

I hope you didn't miss out on the Halloween contest yesterday. More than that, I hope you had a safe Halloween. If you missed the results of yesterday's Trick or Treat contest, click here.

You may remember I was opening a blaster of 2011 Topps Update during the World Series. The only thing I didn't post was the manu-patch included with the blaster. After Game 6 and Game 7, I didn't really feel like posting anything at all. That leaves me with one thing to reveal from the blaster.

All you have to do is guess which Commemorative Patch (read: manu-patch) I pulled by commenting with the player's name. The winner will win a selection of packs and some cards from their favorite team/player.

No pimpage is required, but if you do post about the contest, you can have a second entry. Just put a link to the pub post with your second guess.

In case you don't know who is on the checklist for these manu-patches, I'll provide the list for you.

TLMP-AK Al Kaline
TLMP-BB Brandon Belt
TLMP-BG Bob Gibson
TLMP-BL Barry Larkin
TLMP-BM Bill Mazeroski
TLMP-BR Babe Ruth
TLMP-CF Carlton Fisk
TLMP-CFI Carlton Fisk
TLMP-DG Dee Gordon
TLMP-DP David Price
TLMP-EH Eric Hosmer
TLMP-EM Eddie Murray
TLMP-FF Freddie Freeman
TLMP-FJ Fergie Jenkins
TLMP-FJE Fergie Jenkins
TLMP-FR Frank Robinson
TLMP-FT Frank Thomas
TLMP-GP Gaylord Perry
TLMP-HA Hank Aaron
TLMP-JB Johnny Bench
TLMP-JBA Jose Bautista
TLMP-JF Jimmie Foxx
TLMP-JM Juan Marichal
TLMP-JMI Johnny Mize
TLMP-JMO Joe Morgan
TLMP-JS John Smoltz
TLMP-LA Luis Aparicio
TLMP-MI Monte Irvin
TLMP-MP Michael Pineda
TLMP-MS Mike Schmidt
TLMP-NR Nolan Ryan
TLMP-NRY Nolan Ryan
TLMP-OS Ozzie Smith
TLMP-PM Paul Molitor
TLMP-PMO Paul Molitor
TLMP-PO Paul O’Neill
TLMP-RA Roberto Alomar
TLMP-RAL Roberto Alomar
TLMP-RB Ryan Braun
TLMP-RED Red Schoendienst
TLMP-RF Rollie Fingers
TLMP-RH Rickey Henderson
TLMP-RJ Reggie Jackson
TLMP-RJA Reggie Jackson
TLMP-RM Roger Maris
TLMP-RS Ryne Sandberg
TLMP-SG Steve Garvey
TLMP-TS Tom Seaver
TLMP-WM Willie McCovey
TLMP-ZB Zach Britton

If no one gets it right, I'll randomize everyone. If more than one person gets it right, I'll randomize the correct guesses.

I'll leave this open for a day or two. Good luck!


  1. I'll go with Dee Gordon. Thanks for the contest.

  2. I would say Henderson, but I'd be afraid it'd be a patch from his Non A's years, so I'll go with the guy I love Freddie Freeman!

  3. I'll say Red Schoendienst, and you didn't post because it was a Cardinal. Or this was your plan all along and it's basically random. But I'll take my chances.

  4. Ozzie Smith, because the Blaster knows all.

  5. http://tenetsofwilson.blogspot.com/2011/11/play-at-plates-november-contest.html

    For my second guess, I'll say Smoltz, the Cardinal-for-a-month

  6. Frank Robinson...I always end up with his cards.

  7. Al Kaline, because I wish it was so.

  8. Second guess: Bob Gibson

    Here's the link to my publicizing:

  9. First post anywhere...going with Rollie Fingers.

  10. Spankee took my guess :(

  11. guess 2 - McCovey


  12. and for my second guess, after pimpage:

    I'll go with former Philadelphia Blue Jays Jimmie Foxx

  13. TLMP-JF Jimmie Foxx

    and for my second pick

    TLMP-GP Gaylord Perry

    heres the link to my post

  14. I wasn't gonna guess, but why not?

    Steve Garvey.

  15. ok i'm in. put me down for johnnie bad ass bench

  16. my second guess goes to...eddie murray


  17. Contest closed.

    Winner announcement coming up on Friday!

    Thanks everyone.