Friday, November 4, 2011

Appreciating a Diamond Giveaway hunk of cardboard

The year: 1991

The manufacturer: Topps

The first reaction: For the love of all that is holy, get out of the way CARLTON!!

This card has been given much love and appreciation by Night Owl. As a matter of fact, it was the first card elected to his Cardboard Appreciation Hall of Fame.

I just happened to get this card with a code I redeemed on the Diamond Giveaway site. I thought it was appropriate that I get it and it has to be right at the top of any list of favorite cards. I already have a couple of copies of this card so I doubt I'll get it shipped. It's just about time to get the rest of the cards shipped. I have 33 cards in my portfolio this year, far fewer than I had last year. I think the quantity of available "vintage" cards is far lower than last year. Here is what I have in my virtual collection.

1961 Coot Veal, Senators
1964 Ed Brinkman, Senators
1965 Dough Camilli, Dodgers
1967 Jack Hiatt, Giants (catcher)
1968 Bob Humphreys X2, Senators
1970 Paul Casanova, Senators
1971 Dick Such, Senators (I know, I posted about it already!)
1972 Rich Hand, Rangers
1973 Billy Champion, Brewers
1973 Chris Speier, Giants (sweet play at the plate)
1973 Pete Richert, Dodgers
1973 Jim Lonborg, Phillies
1973 Ken McMullen, Dodgers
1974 Gene Tenace, A's
1974 Fran Healy, Royals (patp)
1975 Buzz Capra, Braves
1975 Johnny Oates, Braves
1975 Bill Fahey, Rangers
1975 Joe Lahoud, Angels
1976 Roy Howell, Rangers
1976 lanny Haney, A's
1976 Juan Beniquez, Rangers
1977 John Stearns, Mets
1979 Dave Campbell, Braves
1991 Carlton Fisk, White Sox
2011 DDC Josh Hamilton
2011 DDC Tony Gwynn
2011 DDC Nelson Cruz
2011 DDC Vladimir Guerrero
2011 DDC Adrian Beltre
2011 DDC Ian Kinsler
2011 DDC Neftali Feliz
2011 DDC Michael Young

I'll be getting most of these shipped. Other than some technical glitches, are you happy with the cards you have on the site? Are you looking forward to doing it all again 1n 2012?


  1. I see you have the Coot on there. Very nice.

  2. I'm having a great time with it (sans the glitches). I have a few projects I'm even working on from the site and my trades. I'll post about then soon.

    One thing- I cannot get rid of my Torii Hunter DDC for anyone other than Howie Kendrick. I figured I could get Nick Swisher for Hunter but no takers. Can't even get a Brave or Red Sox who could help me land a Yank.