Friday, November 25, 2011

Retail is for suckers

I'm only saying that because of my luck yesterday. 99.9% of the cards I buy are retail and normally I get SOMETHING worth mentioning, but yesterday was different.

I received a $25 Wal-mart gift card as an early Christmas present and decided I'd actually use it for something I wanted. I bought another one of those 2008 UD Masterpieces discounted blasters and another Topps Value Box.

Here is a brief recap of the best the Masterpieces had to offer.

That's right. A great big fat nothing. No parallels, no relics, nothing. Not even a short print.

The Topps Value box had exactly ZERO cards worth posting. Out of 5 Update packs, the best card I got was an Erik Bedard liquorfractor. Wooooo-hooooo!

The Bowman Chrome pack was short one card so that was a nice kick in the pants. Makes me wonder if I was shorted an auto...

I did manage to score two extra codes in addition to the guaranteed code. I let my son redeem them on his account since I hit 60 rings a long time ago. Here is what he transmogrified:

Some 1975 vintage outfielders in various states of airbrushedness. I don't think that's a word.

Yay us! Another fun '75 and this time it's a Ranger! Of course I had to explain to my son that we're happy to get a Ranger of this vintage.

Hoping to hit something a little older than 1975, he entered the final code and was "rewarded" with this 1980 Pete Vuckovich. It looks like they woke Pete from his clubhouse nap to get this shot and he doesn't look too happy about it.

Three more codes means he now has 24 rings. I don't know that he'll get to 45 to get the special edition set, but I do know he's getting a couple blasters of Topps Series 2 and Update for Christmas so that will help a bit.

Have a great weekend everyone. See you Monday.


  1. I have all 3 of those cards, so I guess the codes and rings wouldn't have done me any good here. Then again, they didn't do me any good back in 2011.