Thursday, November 3, 2011

A Butt Kickin' Masterpiece

Baseball can be a cruel you know what.

I strolled down the local retail card aisle yesterday and stumbled upon a discounted blaster of 2008 Upper Deck Masterpieces. I dig discounted blasters and I love the look and feel of 2008 Masterpieces so I bought it. Eight packs for $9.98 isn't too shabby these days either.

I've picked up 4 or 5 of these discounted Masterpieces blasters in the last year or so. This is the best one I've ever bought. In it's own way, it's also the most ironic kick in the nuts the baseball card gods could bestow on me. Scroll down just a bit further and you'll see what I mean.

I managed to get one SP in the blaster.

I was very happy to see this colorful Nolan Ryan SP slide out of the 2nd pack. I forgot to get a pic of it so thanks to Nachos Grande for this image. I was happy to be off to such a good start with this blaster, but the cruel hand of irony was about to hit a line drive right into my...well, if you watched the video, you get the point.

The very next packed yielded a jersey hit.

Ah yes. It just had to be a St. Louis Cardinal. I know Mark Mulder didn't have anything to do with the most recent World Series, but still, getting a Cardinals hit just seemed a bit much if you ask me.

Irony wasn't through with me yet. Pack number seven yielded a framed blue parallel numbered out of 50. Anyone care to guess what team the player represented?

That's right. The St. Louis Cardinals show up yet again. This time it's amazing Hall of Famer Ozzie Smith. This little gem is #10/50. I guess it was appropriate that the Wizard would show up the day after the Gold Glove Awards were announced. He "only" won 13 consecutive Gold Gloves at shortstop (1980-1992). I have to say that this is a nice card, even if it is a Cards card.


  1. Nice Ozzie! I have no problems with that card, especially since I am a Cards fan! (ducks as projectiles whiz where my head was)

  2. Great video ! Our Meijers store has 5 of those blasters at $9.95.

  3. If you are interested in unloading the Ozzie /50, let me know.

  4. Hey, wait, Ozzie didn't hit a home run in the '85 NLCS while the broadcaster exhorted the enemy to "go crazy folks, go crazy" against YOUR team.

    That's MY butt-kicking.

    (And it's pretty damn impressive that you pulled a Masterpiece card that IAJC wants. That's hard to do).