Sunday, January 19, 2014

A (bat) Barrel of Monkeys

I'm estimating here, but I think there are approximately 3 billion Rangers cards needed to have a complete team set.  I'm joking of course, but as any of you team collectors know, it doesn't matter how many cards you get, you feel like you'll never get them all.  Never, ever, ever, never.

That doesn't stop you from trying of course.  In doing so, you sometimes find yourself buying things that maybe you could get by without.  I keep saying you, but I'm talking about me. 

That's where 2 of these next 3 cards come in.

I didn't need this 2010 Topps Update Vladimir Guerrero "fake-as-hell" bat barrel #14/99.   I didn't need it, but I wanted it.

I didn't need this 2010 Topps Update Ian Kinsler "fake-as-hell" bat barrel #11/99.  I didn't neet it, but I wanted it even more than the Vladdy.

I ended up buying a third "fake-as-hell" bat barrel from the same seller.  I like the black bat better, but it's Brian McCann and it's #22/25.  I swear I need to just admit I'm collecting McCann, but I'm really not.  I might have if he'd signed with the Rangers.   I've sent a couple of the nicer ones to Captain Canuck and may do the same with this one.  Maybe.  I kinda like it and it looks sharp.

It's obvious I have a problem.   I think I need someone to knock some sense into my head.  Maybe they could do it with a manufactured bat barrel card.  

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  1. Those of us who are not team collectors, and by us I mean me, feel good about not having to add cards to our collection just because. As Groucho once said, "I'd like to join the club and beat you over the head with it."