Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Lookin' back, lookin' ahead

Let's see how I did on my goals for 2013.

100% achieved. Or 100% failure.  Hard to say since I didn't make a list of goals for 2013.  I think I mentioned that I might like to get more vintage oriented and I finally did add some very nice vintage cards late in the year.

I have a problem with setting goals.  The problem is I very rarely reach them.  The reason is that I set my sights way too high.  I try to bite off too big a piece of the pie and end up choking on it.

Knowing that, I think I'll go ahead and make some goals for 2014 and a year from now I'll come back and tell you how big a failure I am for reaching none of them.

1.  Finish up as much of my previously unannounced 2013 Topps Chrome rainbow chase (insanity).

For the record, that means I need the following, knowing that I'll never get a Superfractor.
Mike Olt-refractor, atomic /10, pink /5
Jurickson Profar -xfractor, purple, blue /199, sepia /75, gold /50, red /25, camo /15, atomic /10, pink /5
Adrian Beltre-pink /5
Neftali Feliz-base, sepia /75
Ian Kinsler-base, red /25, pink /5
AJ Pierzynski-blue /199, gold /50
Yu Darvish-all colored refractors

2.  Continue to visit with my friend, the former owner of my LCS.

3.  Forget about buying a little of everything new and saving most of my money for #2 above.  I get a much better return on my money and still end up with some quality trade material.

4. Not worry about posting twice every day.  Just put out stuff that people enjoy reading.  Post #2000 shouldn't be too far off.

5.  Don't let newly acquired Rangers build up until I have 2000 unsorted cards to sort and check off the list.

6.  Update the want list at least every two weeks.

7.  Knock about 500 Rangers off the want list.  That's not even a real number as I don't have a clue how many Rangers I have/need.  The joy/horror of team collecting is knowing you'll never, ever be finished.  Even with a team that only started in 1972.

8.  I may hold fewer contests with better prizes.  Or more contests with smaller prizes.  Depends on what you guys think.  What do you guys think?

9.  Who am I kidding.  I just want to have fun with the hobby, enjoy writing and hope you enjoy what I write and enjoy all of your stuff too.

Have a great 2014 everyone and thanks for your continued tolerance of my incessant rambling.


  1. "The joy/horror of team collecting is knowing you'll never, ever be finished."

    Ain't that the truth. And as soon as you start feeling good about finishing a team set or year, there's a new release coming out that puts you right back to square one. Good luck with the never ending sort!

  2. "I may hold fewer contests with better prizes. Or more contests with smaller prizes." Your contests are always the best. Go with your gut!

  3. I think you need to hold fewer contests and me hold more ... wait, that means more work for me. Carry on as you were.

  4. I just hope in 2014 you run a contest called "2x3 Heroes can't lose this contest" contest.

    Only so I can prove to the world that I can, and will, lose yet again.

  5. I may know someone, no names! We'll call him C.C.
    He may have the location and means to a Jurickson Gold /50.

    You may want to keep that in mind when visiting Mr former LCS owner.

    My wantlist is available in excel format for those that ask......

  6. I'm with ya on Goal #9. Best of luck on this year's goals.