Wednesday, January 29, 2014

These cards are not for me!

I went by Wally World yesterday morning to see if they had any new Topps blasters.  Not for me mind you, but for the winners of my contest earlier this month.  The one where you could win a blaster of 2014 Topps.

Now it's coming back to you.

I picked up two blasters.  One blaster is for Phungo, the winner of the contest.  I opened the other blaster so I could mail two packs to Matt Pederson, Daniel Wilson, Night Owl and View from the Skybox.

Since each blaster contains 10 packs plus the manupatch, that means I get to open 2 packs plus the manupatch.  Any cards of the Cubs, D-Backs, Dodgers or Royals that I pull from my packs, will be included for you guys that won a couple of packs.  I'll go ahead and show you the manupatch I pulled.

Yay me.  Maybe Nachos Grande will want it.

I did pull one card from the two packs that I like.

It's a Nolan Ryan mini.  Unfortunately, it's got a dinged corner, which is just about right.

I also have a rack pack for The Big Kahuna who won for pimping that contest.  I'll get all these in the mail on Thursday.

Thanks everyone.

Oh yes, for the first time since 2008, I didn't buy a blaster of the new Topps for myself.  I'm in a case break for the Rangers and I'm having too much fun getting good vintage stuff  from my old LCS owner to spend $20 on a blaster of Topps.  You've seen what I can get for $20 or less...I think I'll stick with that route for now.

I hope you guys get some good stuff.


  1. Sweet Ryan card! I love the view of old Royals Stadium in the backdrop.