Monday, January 20, 2014

Ice Ice Baby

If you get the reference from the title, I'm sorry.  You may have that song stuck in your head for the rest of the day.

It's easy to see that Neftali Feliz get's it and he's excited!

I picked up a few 2013 Bowman Ice parallels over the last few weeks.  I think they look way better in person, but then again, my scanner does a pretty crappy job with fancy schmancy cards.

Oh Derek.  Were you really playing with your dog when you hurt your knee?  Everyone says you were playing hockey, but I don't want to believe that.  Microfracture surgery is nothing to sneeze at and I think the powers that be over at the Ballpark are fooling themselves if they think you'll be back by the All-Star break. I hope they are right!

Joe, we hardly got a chance to appreciate your greatness.  I'm glad you did so well here in Texas, but I have to with nothing but miserable failure for your new team!  Don't take it personally. Oh yea, these Red Ice beauties are #/25.

Since Derek Holland is out for a big chunk of 2014, I hope Matty Harrison can come back strong.  He's #7/25.

I was all set to announce Derek as my favorite current Ranger when the news about his injury broke.  Now I'm undecided again.  This red beauty is #4/25.

How many days...minutes...until Spring Training!  I'm so ready.


  1. Alright stop collaborate and listen...

    1. Ice is back with my brand new invention...

  2. You act like having that song stuck in your head is a bad thing. I love the Red Ice parallels!

  3. He was the halftime entertainment at a Texans game this year. I had to explain him to some of the younger people around us.

    Just found this: Texans are blaming him for losing 14 straight