Thursday, January 30, 2014

As if "Boogya" wasn't bad enough

Hopefully you've seen Scott Crawford's post where he points out the insanity that is Manny Machado's The Future is Now insert.

Someone over at Topps has been visiting Colorado for legalized marijuana.

One of my two packs yielded this gem.

Thanks to the god-awful foil you may not be able to read it, but that's a Ryan Braun Upper Class insert. Really Topps?  Why on earth would you put Ryan Braun anywhere near a card about class?

I'm picturing the architects of this set in their underground bunker giggling knowing this card was about to be unleashed on the unsuspecting collectors of the world.


  1. Terrible! I guess we're lucky instead of "Before they were great" inserts, they didn't do "Before they juiced". Maybe the "Super-veteran" inserts could have been modified to show before-and-after photos of PED users. Crap, I'm giving myself too many ideas for future Parallel Universe posts. lol

  2. It could've been worse. They could've included Josh Lueke.

  3. I'm surprised A rod didn't get a card in this set too. Anway you can always send that card to me. I'll add it to my Brewers team set.

  4. That does seem strange. How did Topps get an exclusive license?