Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Breakin' up is fun to do

I decided that I'm going to spend less money chasing cards out of blasters and rack packs this year and instead, focus on getting cards I want via Ebay and my former LCS owner.  I can get 10...20...50 times the value from him that I can from a $20 blaster from Wal-get or Tarmart.

Since I'm not buying up blasters and I'd still like to have some fun with wax, I'm entering a few case breaks here and there.

For the price of two blasters where you probably won't get any cards you really want, you can enter Judson's (My Cardboard Habit) 5 box half case break of Gypsy Queen.  You'll get your team PLUS a random team that will surely give you some trade bait and maybe even a great hit to sell on Ebay.

Go check it out and tell Judson who sent ya.


  1. Thanks for the heads up...I was just wondering if anyone else was hosting any kind of breaks!

  2. Per your comment on my last post, I'll set the Michael Young red aside for you. If you need any of the Rangers I listed let me know. Maybe we can work up another trade.