Friday, February 28, 2014

The World According to Hoyle

If you had told me, before I discovered the wonderful world of card blogs, that someone would contact me out of the blue and offer to send me vintage baseball cards, I would say you were crazy.  Six years later, it has happened so many times I wonder how I lived without it.

The most recent package to arrive came courtesy of reader Mark Hoyle.  I've seen his name popping up all over the 'sphere so I know Mark has been a frequent visitor to the post office.

Mark mixed in just a few "modern cards".  I decided to show the Nathan card so you could see how it looked compared to the original '72s.

The 1972 Rangers team set looks like an ode to airbrushing.

Which one of these pitchers doesn't belong?  AL West, AL West, AL West...NL East?  Hmm...

I've seen this card on other blogs before and I'm glad to finally have a copy for my collection.  So much great stuff on one small piece of cardboard.  The '54 Smalley, the great Rangers cap and color.   So much color.

Mark said he might have some Senators I needed.  He sure did.

This '69 Frank Bertaina is a little rough around the edges.  I can just picture some little Senators fan carrying this around in his pocket.

How about some Men with Bats.  Fred, Bog, Mike and Brant were happy with one bat.  Ed has a coupld and then there's good old Del.  He just had to hog them all.  I just realized that the bats are in a grocery cart. Do teams use grocery carts to carry bats at Spring Training now?

I didn't scan everything Mark sent, but I had to show these beautiful '75s.  Three minis and one big Jeff Burroughs.

Mark, thanks for making a nice dent in my vintage want lists.  I'm working on a package for you and should have something out next week.


  1. Who would have thought I would find a place where I could pass on all my dupes and actually get some cool new cards in return. As well as having the pleasure to read everybody's great blogs. Glad you enjoyed the cards.

    1. This is what is so great about the blogosphere. Growing up I had two buddies I could trade cards with and we chased a bunch of the same stuff. It was tough to be a collector
      Now all the stuff I don't like I can find a home for and in return I get everyone else's castoffs (Cubs). Life is good.

  2. apparently I need readers like Mark.