Monday, February 10, 2014

It's how much per pack?

I don't open high end packs.  I don't even pay to bust Topps Jumbos.  It's so much money for one pack!  I can't take it.

2013 Topps Museum is a prime example.  I don't know what packs cost when they are brand new, but I see where you can get packs for about $50 right now.  That's crazy money for a pack with 5 cards.

I wrote earlier this month about letting someone else take the hit on this stuff and I did it again.  I found a few 2013 Topps Museum cards for my Rangers collection.

Here we have an on-card auto of Derek Holland.  It's #120/399 and set me back a whole $4.00.  The design isn't perfect, but I'm a firm believer that all cards should be signed on-card or not at all.  I'm all for a sticker dump, but instead of "dumping" them in a product, I say dump them in a river.  

Here is a Jumbo relic of Nelson Cruz.  It's #21/50 and cost me $5.21.  I was generally fine with the cost until I got the card and saw it had a crease from top to bottom along the left edge of the jersey.  You can probably see it.  The original scan from the buyer didn't show that and the envelope it came in was pretty well folded over so I guess I can thank the USPS for this one.  Still, since I'm not a seller, at least of Rangers cards, I'm happy to have it.

Forget for a moment what I said about sticker autos.  While I don't like the sticker auto on this card, it is a low numbered (#9/25) auto relic card of my new favorite Ranger, Derek Holland.  The first box has a nice bit of color and the card was a total of $8.50.

So, for a total of $20.99 (including shipping for two of them) I picked up 3 cards that I never would have pulled had I paid out $50 for a pack.

I can live with that.


  1. I think you posted the Cruz card just to torment me. Now I need to have one.

  2. i tend to stay away from the high end packs as well. i may splurge once or twice a year but my luck is terrible so i'm just throwing my loot away when i can put it towards the cards i really want. i do love me some jumbo packs though :)

  3. I generally follow the same line of thinking about high end boxes/packs. Though I rrrrrrrreally wanna bust a case of Triple Threads just for the thrill of it.

  4. This is definitely the way to go. I created my own custom box of 2013 Topps Five Star. If I'm going to spend money, at least it'll be for cards I want. Nice purchases.