Thursday, February 13, 2014

I'm glad I'm not a Padres collector

I decided that I would join a case break of 2014 Topps to get my Rangers fix instead of buying blaster after blaster and getting a bunch of cards that I didn't really want.  Lucky for me, I got a random team as well and that turned out to be the Padres.

Poor, poor Padres.

I only know two Padres collectors, Marcus at All the Way to the Backstop and Rod over at Padrographs. They may want some of the 6 Padres team sets I got in the break.

Or they may want a couple of these.

A used Yonder Alonso power player card.

A Robbie Erlin gold parallel.

This Gwynn mini and...

this Gwynn Rookie Class ring card are going to Jon over at Community Gum for his Gwynn collection.

In an entire case of jumbo packs, that's all the Padres inserts/hits I got.  Sure the Gwynn ring is something, but not a single red hot bleeding wall card in the bunch.  Pretty thin Topps.  Pretty thin.

Lucky for me, I was after Rangers, which I got.

There are 13 Rangers in Series 1.

I got enough for 6 complete team sets, plus a stack of extras. Or would that be extra extras?

I got two gold parallels, Mitch Moreland and Yu Darvish.

I picked up two Rangers minis. Unlike the Ryan mini I pulled in one of my two packs, this one isn't damaged. Yay me.

I also got the Yu Darvish die cut mini.  Undamaged I might add.

I picked up one Upper Class Yu Darvish insert.  Yawn.

I got a total of 7 The Future is Now Jurickson Profars, which means I got duplicates of the three different versions.  I also got the Yu Darvish version, including some extras.

I managed to get 4 of the bleeding wall, red hot Ranger parallels.

I hit one black parallel, a Mitch Moreland #14/63.  That's a little better.

I also scored two of these highly sought after buybacks.  At least the two Rangers I got are in better shape than some of the ones I've seen on Ebay and the blogosphere.  Some of them look like they were taken right from the bike spokes to the stamp machine.

I think this Hargrove is in better shape than the one I have in my collection.  

I scored one hit in the break.  This Elvis Andrus game sat on table leg relic.

Overall, I could have done better spending the same amount of money on Ebay on singles, but I came out way better than buying a couple of blasters at the big box store.

Good times...


  1. I'll be more than happy to take one of the extra team sets off your hands. I bought two boxes, but didn't have enough for a complete team set.

  2. Hey... hey... hey. I'm a Padres fan! Been one since the 80's. Congratulations on getting them in your team randomization... oh wait, you didn't want to get them. At least you did really well with those Rangers.

    1. You collect such a wide and varied assortment of goodies, I never pegged you down to one team. Want a team set?

    2. Very true. No thanks. I'll eventually grab a complete set when all is said and done. I appreciate the offer though.

  3. Although I do like modern cards, my attention was pretty much focused on the '78 Henderson and the '77 Hargrove. Congrats on the pickups.

  4. the one question not asked, what about SPs? pull any of those?

  5. Well, I'M glad that you're not a Padres collector either!

    Oh, not in a mean way or anything. It's nice to be one of the few! It makes the *very* few "hits" pretty easy to come by.

    I'm glad I'm not a Dodger collector - too much competition, and lots of stuff to track down. Plus, it would mean that I would like the Dodgers, and I can't wrap my brain around that ever happening.