Tuesday, February 18, 2014

A Day Late and $700 Short

Yesterday was President's Day.  Some of you know I have a little Presidential Collection.  It's not too big or too fancy.  It's mine all the same.

2004 Topps Chrome Presidential Refractors are high on my want list.  I only have a few.

My Presidential collection isn't based on politics.   It's purely based on the office of President.

Anyone who has been president and makes it on a card is eligible for my collection.  

I'll even take a somewhat questionable relic.  Anyone who has anything presidential that doesn't fit into their collection, let me know.  I'll probably be interested.  

One of my favorite non-card presidential items is this book.  It's the Life and Public Service of Abraham Lincoln and was published in 1865.

The cover and spine aren't in great shape, but the pages are in excellent shape including an original picture of Lincoln.  I don't know how rare the book is, but it's something I'm glad to have.  My in-laws bought it along with a big box of other old books at a garage sale for $5.

My best presidential piece isn't really presidential at all.  I got George W. Bush's autograph (top left corner) of this opening day program from the Ballpark In Arlington's first game.  He wasn't even the governor of Texas yet, but I still count it because he was elected to two terms later.

Ok, so that's the day late part.

The $700 short part is that I had to make unexpected repairs to both of my cars this month.  Total cost? You guessed it...$700.  That just means I have a number of things to mail out, but I won't be making a trip to the post office until the end of the month.  If you're expecting something from me (and even if you're not), I'll be mailing it in a couple of weeks.


  1. That Lincoln bio is just awesome. I collect Lincoln books and it wasn't even on my checklist of ones to look for. I've added it.

    Not that I'd ever finish that collection, the list is several pages long and I only have about 20 books. I need to win the Lottery.

  2. That book is really cool. Your in-laws got an amazing garage sale deal. And the Bush autograph... don't even let me go there. Awesome!