Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Cervin' Up Some Incy Ink

Edit:  This is part two of my screw up.  I mixed up the packages from Matt at Bob Walk the Plank and Zippy Zappy of Cervin' Up Cards. These are actually the cards from Matt and you still have a little more time to go follow him and enter in the little contest I mentioned yesterday.

If you even bothered to open this post, you probably think I've gone loopy with the spelling in the title.  Don't worry, I'm still here mentally.  I received a nice package from Zippy Zappy of Cervin' Up Cards.

I've received a lot of cards from a lot of people over the last 4+ years.  One thing I've never received was a certified Pete Incaviglia auto on a non-licensed card.

Ok, that was kind of a joke as there probably is only one certified Pete Incaviglia auto on a non-licensed card and it's this 2011 Limited Greats auto from Panini.  It's #207/399, but that's not important.  The important thing to note is that it looks nothing like this Incaviglia auto I received from The Diamond King back in 2012.

Interesting to say the least.  Or most.  I don't know which.

Zippy also sent me a Hamburger.  Damn these scans.

Forget the Hamburger.  How about a Charlie Hough Sp from Topps Archives.  I just hit the auto version of this in View From the Skybox's charity break.  Pretty cool.

Zippy sent a number of other cards and I thank him for every single one.  Go check him out at Cervin' Up Cards.

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