Wednesday, February 19, 2014

I can see clearly now...

I had a little scare last night at the end of dinner.  I had just finished eating and we were sitting around the table talking when I started to feel dizzy.  Really dizzy.  I got up and wobbled to the island in our kitchen. My lips started tingling and I was sweating like crazy.  Honestly, I thought I was having a stroke.

Turns out it was a blood sugar thing.  Not good, but by the time most of you read this I will have spoken to my doctor.

Fortunately, the dizziness only lasted about 3 minutes.  I'm feeling better at the moment and my vision is clear.

That brings us to the baseball card part of this post.  I'm on record a couple hundred times as not being a fan of Panini and their logo-less cards.  I'm a logo snob.  I can admit it.

That's not to say Panini hasn't put out a few cards that I like.  Take the Pinnacle Clear Vision cards.  I like them.  A lot. As in I picked up a couple of "lots" of them off Ebay.

The hitters Clear Vision cards come in Single, Double, Triple, Homerun and Cycle versions.  The Cycle versions are 1/1's, but I couldn't find any print run info one the others.  They are tougher to pull as you go up the line.  

The pitcher Clear Vision cards come in Win, Complete Game, Shutout, No-Hitter and Perfect Game versions.  The Perfect Game cards are 1/1's.  

If you see anything in these lots that you'd like, let me know.  I'm primarily after the Rangers and any players I collect.

Some of the Rangers I have came from the lots I purchased.

I guess I need to do a want list for these.

This Kemp came in one of the lots and already has someone's name on it.  Yea, Matt Kemp's.  Badum bump. I'm here all week.  

Apparently, I can find the Singles.

I can find the Triples.  Just no doubles.

The Pudge actually looks fine without a logo because you probably wouldn't see it in this photo anyway.

I did manage to get one of Joe Mauer.  

The Yu Darvish card makes him look like he's pitching on a prison squad.

Hey, a Complete Game in the yard.  Some of the inmates won't be happy.  

You know Nolan would go inside on an inmate.  He isn't scared of anything.

Maybe I need him to high and tight on my dizziness.

That would scare it away.


  1. Hope you feel better, My dad started having episodes like yours now has a hearing aid

  2. Hope you are feeling better.

    I agree with you about the logos. It is a shame that Panini can't get a license. I feel they have superior design and photos, but it just doesn't look right without the team. Topps has been getting lazy lately. A lot of rehashed photos being used for their products.

  3. Feel better! Hope the doc gives you a clean bill of health.

  4. I too am in agreement with the logos thing. IF a card company goes just one year without the proper licensing it isn't that big a deal, but Panini is still trying to produce unlicensed cards for who knows how long. They often have real cool looking designs for the cards but without the team logos and names the cards suffer. They look like the prospect cards of players who have never played a professional game.

  5. Maybe Panini should just stick to cards of catchers in catchers' gear. Then the logos wouldn't be an issue. I see it now: 2014 Panini Backstop, a set of nothing but catchers catching. Look for Bench and Fisk sticker autos, 1:350. "Tools of Ignition" inserts highlight catcher prospects.

    Hope you're feeling better!

  6. Brian, I'm sure the doctor straightened you out, but I have some experience here so let me know if you want to talk.

    I hope at least one of those cards is headed my way because with no logos and foil I can't make out the teams for half of these!

  7. Best of luck to you Brian! I hope all goes well and you are back to normal soon.

    On a less important note, those are beautiful cards.

  8. Even when sick, you have impeccable taste! If you come across a George Brett Double, Triple or Homerun, SELL IT! As a Royals fan, it was a crime against humanity when I sold my George Brett Triple. I set the starting bid at $19.99, thinking it wouldn't sell and I could justify keeping it. The auction ended at over $120.... just for the Triple parallel. There are some Mullet fans who love this set too "clearly".

  9. I hope all goes well with your health. That is far more important than any cards. However, since I am here, I wouldn't mind grabbing that Todd Helton.

  10. I hope the doctor visit went off without a hitch. Those things are always scary. If you see this I wouldn't mind the McCutchen. I have some Rangers cards and a grip of Prince Fielder cards, so let me know, cameronclow12 AT

    1. You can have the Cutch, but PLEASE don't send me any Fielders.

  11. Glad you are feeling better! Hope you get that under control!

  12. Hope you are doing better. I like the look of the Pinnacle cards but I'm too much of a logo snob to break down and get any.