Friday, February 7, 2014

Liquor in the front, Ponies in the back

Did you ever get a package and assume it was from someone based on the contents?  I did that a couple of days ago.

I opened a package without looking at the return address and the first thing I noticed were these two cards.

Hello Mr. Fancy Pants.

Pinkie Pie?  That's a little disturbing.

When I saw these two cards, I assumed the package was from our resident blogging Bronie, Dayf the Cardboard Junkie.   I was wrong.  This package actually came from Chris of The Raz Card Blog.

Chris sent over a little Liquorfractor to help ease the shock of seeing Fancy and Pinkie.

Now here's a pie I can enjoy.  It's not one of those wacky sp Pies in the Face, but it's still fun.

Are you green with envy over my Green Prizm Nolan Ryan?  You should be.  It's not often a prison team can get a pitcher of his quality.

I'm quite certain the impetus for this trade was this 2012 Topps Update Joe Mauer relic.  I think that's a piece of the towel Joe sat on while he watched the Home Run Derby.

Thanks for the cards Chris and if anyone needs a couple of pony cards, let me know.


  1. did you ever open up a blog expecting to read a post from a certain blogger, only to realize it was a completely different blog?

    yeah, this guy. S-M-R-T

  2. Saw ponies and instantly though of The Cardboard Junkie.

  3. I think the Angels are looking at Fancy Pants as a fifth starter option...