Thursday, February 6, 2014

Questions that need answers

The greatness that is Night Owl recently wrote a post about card blogs.  He wrote about how many blogs he follows and reads.  As is the norm with Night Owl, it was a well written post.  We've all come to expect that from him.  After all, he is a professional writer.

His post got me thinking about the blogs I read.  I counted 240 blogs that I follow.  Some of them aren't active anymore, but I don't like to delete them unless I have to on the off chance that they make sneak a post in someday.

I'd like to say I read every post that hits my blogroll every day.  The truth is I do read most of them.  I pull up the blogroll on my phone at various times throughout the day to read posts.  I also go back to review the days posts once I get to work.

That brings me to the point of this post.


I rarely comment during the day when I'm reading posts on my phone simply because it's a pain to type the comment on the phone.  My fingers are not compatible with that tiny keyboard.  That's part of the reason I try to review the day's blogroll once I get to work.  I do want to comment as much as possible because it's always nice to know something you wrote sparked enough interest from someone that they would take the time to comment.  I want people to know I appreciate the time they spent writing whatever kind of post it might be.

I have three questions about your commenting habits.

1.  What gets you to comment on a post: great writing, a featured card, other?

2.  When reading a post, do you read the comments others have left?

3.  Do you click on the link to get notified when other people comment on a post you've read/commented on?

Everyone that answers these questions will get an extra entry in the contest I announced in this morning's post.

Just so I'm not leaving you with a pic-less post, I'll show you something I picked up from my LCS friend recently.

Isn't that a beauty?  It may not be a play at the plate, but it's a great addition to my growing 1956 Topps set.



  1. 1. Anything that interests or amuses me
    2. Of course
    3. No, I just check back later if I have asked a question.

  2. 1. A post where I can sort of find something in common with what the blogger is talking about.

    2. I skim through the comments to see if there is anything interesting past the fluff i.e. 'great post,' 'oooh, I do that too' or 'oooh, lemme send you some cards since you are the grand poobah of this card blogging thing.'

    3. I'd rather click back to see what others have commented on.

  3. 1. I comment when I feel like I can add to the conversation. I might have an interesting story about the card, or I may be answering a question the blogger posted, like this one.

    2. I do read the other comments. I do this to find new bloggers to follow and reach out to.

    3. I've never clicked on that link, but I do check back in on posts that I find interesting.

  4. 1. I have no idea what makes me comment. Whatever interests me. The post, a card, the subject matter, whatever. I'd have to do a whole psychological breakdown on all my comments to find an answer, because I comment quite a bit.

    2. I read every last comment before mine. I'm rather curious.

    3. I don't want to be notified about that. I get notified about enough things.





  6. 1) I try and comment whenever I have the time. I wouldn't say any particular topic, cards, etc. have a bearing on whether or not I comment.

    2) I always read other comments.

    3) I've personally never clicked that link, though I do sometimes check back and see if there are any new comments to read.

  7. 1) THere is not rhyme or reason, Sometimes I want to give the poster some props for what he said or featured. Sometimes I like to add additional information. Most times, I attempt to be funny. Or an ass.

    2) Always, always, always read the other comments. See above "attempt to be funny or ass" statement.

    3) Never. I think I clicked it once and had a hard time figuring out what the hell I did, where I did it and why. Like me on a New Year's morning.

  8. 1) depends on my day
    2) yes
    3) never have

  9. 1) sometime it's the card, sometime the subject natter. Or maybe answer a question
    2) read every comment
    3) never hit that button. Check back in later

  10. I'll almost always comment if there is a Padre in the post. Also, if the person is asking for opinions or has a question that I can weigh in on, I'm WAY more likely to comment. Like you, I'll only comment at home, though I read on breaks at work. Usually by then, someone has already said what I wanted to say, so I don't comment as often as I'd like.
    I read all the comments before mine, but don't click the button to get updates.

  11. 1. Usually the featured card is what makes me want to comment, or something witty that was said in the post, if I notice some glaring error (usually some messed up fact) that screams at me to comment because I can't stand to see the error made (I try not to be a grammar Nazi so I tend not to try to correct grammar). It is usually the content not necessarily the writing style that encourages me to comment.

    2. Yes always. Especially with contests or group breaks so I don't duplicate an answer in case all answers have to be different or to make sure my Homie team hasn't already been taken. Also the other comments sometimes give me inspiration to actually comment myself. Sometimes I want to see what others have to say before I put in my 2 cents. Oh and what Marcus said about someone already saying what I wanted to say.

    3. NO partly because I tend to forget it's there, but mostly because I already get enough email and notifications like that usually multiply exponentially based on how simple and short your own comment was. So I just try to check back and look to see if anymore comments have been made.

  12. 1. I like to comment when either I feel really compelled, or when I see that no one else has already commented. Everyone wants to feel that their stuff is being read, and a comment or two can do a lot to fuel a bloggers self-esteem.
    2. I always read the comments that others have left (within the blogosphere). Other message boards and what not? Heck no, too many trolls out there.
    3. I only click on the "notify me" link when I ask a question and I hope it's answered.

  13. 1. I'd like to say I only comment when I have something intelligent to say, but everybody has probably figured out that isn't true. I am trying to make a conscious effort to comment more, and I do try to read as many posts as I can.
    2. I always read the other comments.
    3. I only did that once, and I'm still get Spam replies. Never again. I just check back now.

  14. 1) The best way to get me to leave a comment is to ask me a question in the post.
    2) I'll look at other comments if I click through and go to your blog, but if I'm just reading your post on Feedly, the comment section isn't there.
    3) If I'm expecting a response, I'll subscribe to the comments (because I won't remember to come back & look otherwise.)

  15. I try to read everything in my feed, but I don't comment as much as I'd like to. The reason is technical. For some reason the computer at work doesn't load comment fields for all blogs. It does for some, which is weird, but despite several attempts at a work-around it's still very spotty and keep me from commenting on the vast majority of posts I would otherwise have commented on. Right now I'm at home so I can comment on anything, but I've been reading posts throughout the day, so I doubt I'll go back and re-read just to comment. I usually read other comments but I never subscribe to them.

    Should I have numbered these? Wait, what are we doing?

  16. 1. no particular reason... whenever I have time or the inclination to comment.
    2. sometimes. depends on the post and the amount of comments. Time is money people!
    3. no. I don't need to add to the amount of email I get in a day.

  17. I comment when I really enjoy the post or if I have something I want to add to the conversation. I used to comment more, and I've started commenting more again, but as with you, commenting on a phone is tough so I usually save a post to chime in later. In fact, I have problems leaving comments via my iPhone sometimes, so I tend to just wait to reply until I have time at home.

    My RSS reader doesn't show comments for posts, but if I save an article to read later on my computer I read the comments. Ditto for when I leave comments - I try to consider others' thoughts when leaving my own.

    If I haven't commented on a post, I usually don't follow additional comments, although there have been exceptions. If I do comment, I try my hardest to remember to subscribe to comments via the notify box or through my RSS reader. I automatically get comment notifications for my own blog too of course.

  18. 1. What gets you to comment on a post: really, it's the topic. If it's interesting to me and evokes a response, I'll write something when possible. Usually it's the topic being written about.

    2. If I read the post (which I normally get through sportscard blogroll) - I do usually read the comments others have left. Maybe 75% of the time.

    3. Only if it's wordpress. I don't even see the option on blogger blogs. Maybe it's because I'm on wordpress.

  19. 1. Opinions and great cards. I read my news via a desktop feed reader so if I want to l leave a comment, I have to take the time to load the site in a browser instead. So, I only comment occasionally, but I'm always reading.

    2. Only if I'm commenting (see answer #1). My news reader doesn't load comments, only the post content. So, if I'm compelled to comment, I usually read the others as well.

    3. Nope. Way too many notifications about other things, it would just get lost in the static.

  20. 1. Great writing, pictures, trade posts, and if I'm not feeling lazy.

    2. Almost always. It feels weird not to. Except this time.

    3. Nope.

  21. 1. I love it when people comment on my posts, so I try to make it a habit to comment on people's blogs as much as I can. As for what gets me to comment... I'll say "just about anything" as long as it's something I'm interested in.

    2. I probably read 70% of the comments that other bloggers leave. If I don't... it usually means I'm in a rush to go somewhere or do something.

    3. I usually click the notification box (maybe 95% of the time), because I like to respond if someone replies to a comment I left. However, I don't usually check the box if it's a contest post.

  22. One other thing I'd note - I hate when you have to type in a series of numbers to make comments. It's a deterrent! SOmetimes I've received some kind of error and my comment is gone. That almost always leads me to move on!