Wednesday, February 5, 2014

You'll always be The Ballpark in Arlington to me

The Texas Rangers just announced a naming rights deal that means The Ballpark in Arlington will now be called Globe Life Ballpark in Arlington.


I won't stand for it.  Oh, the announcers will have to call it that and it'll be plastered all over everything, but I refuse to follow along.  The rumored $10 million/year will help sign players I suppose, but I'll never, ever call it Globe Life Ballpark again.

It will always be The Ballpark in Arlington to me.  Just like it was on opening day in 1994.


  1. There are few things in sports I hate as much as the money grab of stadium naming rights. But it's even worse when the sponsor has an incredibly wordy name that ends up sounding stupid as a stadium name.

  2. Couldn't agree more.
    I saw a couple games there at the Ballpark and took the tour.
    Nice place you got there.

  3. I hate it too. Not as much as "Ameriquest Field in Arlington," but I still hate it. Forever the Ballpark in Arlington.