Saturday, January 18, 2014

Pitching makes you ugly

Pitching requires an exertion of effort.  Sometimes when a person exerts themselves, it leads to an ugly expression on their face.  It's not just pitchers.  It can happen to anyone who is putting forth a great effort.

I know what you're thinking and I agree.  This probably isn't a pretty picture, exertion or not.

Look at Jeff Russell.  He looks like he's laughing, but that's not too bad.

Kevin Brown...ugly.

Mike Jeffcoat...a face only a mother could love.  Only when he's not pitching that is.

Scott Chiamparino isn't terrible.

Kenny Rogers...dude looks a lady.  An ugly lady.

He's even ugly on the back of the card.  I really scanned this one because I used to work in that building on the right.

If you thought Kenny was ugly on that other card, get a load of this one.

John Wetteland's expression is ugly, but the worst part of this card is the Rangers logo sharing space with the Yankee uniform.  That is wrong on so many levels.  

That's better.  A better uniform anyway.  He still looks like an angry 10 year old boy blowing out the candles on the Justin Bieber cake his mother thought would be "so cute".

The ugliness isn't confined to pitchers.  Just take a look at the "f*ck face" Billy Ripken is making on this throw to first.  That's downright ugly.

These "ugly" cards, which I think are awesome, came to me courtesy of Howard over at Wanted: Baseball Cards.  Thanks for the cards Howard!


  1. I've thought of doing a post like that myself. Pitching face is not pretty.

  2. Is there a difference from there pitching face and there "O" face??? Guess I'll have to tweet Anna Benson and ask about Kris cuz she'd probably tell the truth! lol

  3. I've thought about doing a post similiar to this as well. I forgot how much I really liked the 93 Leaf set until I saw the back of that Rodgers card. I just love cards with skylines.

  4. Lol... very cool post. Love Billy's facial expression... sort of looks like he's constipated. As for the weightlifter... I could understand her hair if it was the 80's (that's how I rolled in 1983ish)... but the photo is obviously pretty current. Is this hairstyle really making a comeback?

  5. I am glad that you liked them. If I find anything else that you can use I'll send them your way.