Friday, January 17, 2014

Going Batty

I'm not a professional baseball player, but...

I'm pretty sure you need two hands on the bat to be an effective hitter.  What do I know?  Julio Franco had just put up 172 hits for a .296 average so maybe he knows more about hitting than I do.

What about Jeff Frye?  He didn't even bother to use a whole bat!

These next two cards intrigue me.

This 1996 Leaf Mickey Tettleton shows Mickey holding the remains of bat.

This 1996 Pacific card shows Mickey about a millisecond later in the same at bat.  I've seen this on other blogs and I always found it fascinating when someone would find the same action on two different cards. This one even crosses manufacturers and I like it.

These cards came as part of a large package from Howard over at Wanted: Baseball Cards.  This is nowhere near all the cards Howard sent over and I do have another post or two planned for some of them.

Thanks for the great package Howard!


  1. That Julio Franco shot was taken shortly after baseball banned him from using actual logs as baseball bats. As you can see, adapting the hand position for a little twig bat like that took some time.

  2. LOL, now u guys know he was asking for time out. As for the the "repeated" at bat by different card companies, my guess is that the photog was a freelancer and sold both companies "their" shot. I too like that, just so long as its only a couple of cards for a given year.