Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Not in my house

Oscar's 'fro is out and so is he.

You're telling me baseball would be better off without plays like this?

I disagree. I don't want players to get hurt, so maybe you take out the Carlos Quentin shoulder to the noggin play, but don't take out plays at the plate altogether.

If they do, I'll have to change the name of the blog to Cardboard Sissies.

No one wants that.


  1. IDK, Cardboard Sissies has a nice little pansy ring to it!! I think something needs to be done about some of the more severe collisions but it would change the very nature of the game to outlaw them all together.

  2. I really hope they don't do something drastic to change the game! I love a good play at the plate...not as much as you...but I do love it!