Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Another man's trash

The great thing about other people buying boxes of cards is that they'll send you the "junk" they don't want.
It's a give and take thing which is what makes trading fun.  We've all experienced it, whether buying a rack pack, a blaster or a hobby box.

Here is a little 2014 "junk" from Robert over at $30 a Week Habit.

Here's a 50 Years of the Draft Joe Mauer.  I didn't realize the Twins drafted him out of 8th grade.

At least Cincy waited to until Johnny Bench was 17 to draft him.  These two will go in my Mauer/Bench collections.  Do I still have to collect Mauer if he stops playing catcher?

Yu Darvish does qualify as a Power Player, but I would rather Topps kill the online "game" and let it simmer a few years.  That way they could come do the Million Card Giveaway again.

What are we calling these things?  Bloody murder parallels?

Blood red to avocado green.  Yummy.

Let's all chant the team collector mantra...

We must have them all,
Every single one,
Oh so many parallels,
I'll never, ever be done.

Robert, thanks for the Rangers.  I'll be sending you some goodies soon!


  1. I've been calling them Slayer parallels

  2. Glad they arrived safely! The inserts to me are "junk" unless they picture a Blue Jay.

    I look forward to the latest and greatest for PATP heading my way!