Thursday, March 6, 2014

Who loves a sequel?

When I first discovered the world of baseball card blogs, I was like a kid in a candy store.  I started commenting and making an effort to introduce myself so I could make trades.  I ended up starting my blog because I wanted to post my trade packages which had piled up quite a bit.  They piled up so much, I had a contest AND a post about the problem.

Well, I think Matt over at Bob Walk the Plank is a little like I was because he is so excited he sent me a second package before I've even sent him one.  Not that I'm not working on it, but I've been around too long and I take too long to put those packages together.  Matt really outdid himself this time.

I'm no fan of Panini, but I liked this card because it was Mike Olt in his college days.  Of course Mike Olt isn't a Ranger anymore so I guess it's a moot point.  I just realized that not a single one of the cards I'm about to show you features a current Ranger.

Hey Yankee fans, is Mark Teixeira done?  With ARod on the outs and Teixeira a non-factor, two of my least favorite ex-Rangers are barely a blip on the MLB radar.  This Fleer Showcase Tex is #93/99.

Leave it to Panini to call Royce Clayton a "Great".  I think that's really stretching it.  I liked him when he was a Ranger, but Nolan Ryan is a "Great", Clayton, not so much.  This is the auto'd version #4/499.  I can't imagine sitting around signing hundreds of stickers.  What a beating.

Pudge may not be a current Ranger, but he'll always be a Ranger to me. This fully licensed Leaf Limited Silver Linings parallel is #70/100.

I ran across a bunch of these 2003 Leaf Exhibits cards on Ebay one time.   There a so many variations I don't know how anyone could keep them straight.  I'm really not even sure if these came in packs or what.  

There is virtually no information on the back other than the copyright and company info.  Oh, the serial numbering is there too.  In this case, the Blalock is #27/46.

This card may look a little familiar to you (probably not) because I featured it on a post about a lot of Michael Young cards I purchased on Ebay.  In that lot, I got #7/10 of this card.  Now I have #1/10 too.

Hmm...only 8 left out there.  I'll ask Captain Canuck if I should chase down those other 8 cards.

Matt, thanks for the great package and I am in the process of putting a return package together for you.


  1. Hi Brian, thinking of selling my Colt McCoy PC and noticed your son collect him

  2. Glad you liked everything Brian. I'm always happy to find a good home for my non Pirate cards. It seems like as soon as I send you something I find a few more things you will like.

  3. Hells yeah you need the other eight.

    You gotta do something while Texas goes 0-162.

    1. I agree. All ten or bust!

      Aloo, ouch. Better get some cream for that burn.

  4. Lol... I can't keep up with Matt's packages either. Matt... if you're reading these comments, I'll write up a post (hopefully sooner, than later) and get scrape up some more Pirates for you.