Saturday, March 8, 2014

I didn't order that

I recently logged on to Ebay and rescued a couple of cards just in the nick of time.  Someone listed two Ivan Rodgriguez relic cards for a starting bid of 99 cents and the auction was seconds from ending with no bids.

How sad for Pudge.  Shipping was only a couple of bucks so I went ahead and threw down a max bid of 99 cents and shocker, I won.  Maybe it was because the auction ended in the middle of the night, maybe it was because these two cards would be in a dollar box at most card shows.  Either way, I was happy.

Here is what I got for my $3 bucks.

I know what you're thinking.  Yes, I know this is a Marlins card, but it fits into my Pudge collection so for the price, I don't mind.  It's a 2003 Donruss Studio Leather and Lumber bat card #4/250.

The card I wanted was this 2001 Upper Deck Pudge game used base card.  Now we all know Upper Deck is suspect when it comes to game used cards, but this one does say it is a base from a game at The Ballpark in Arlington.  Since this is my card, I choose to believe it comes from a base where Pudge just threw out another runner.  The only problem I see with the card is the large black and white photo of Pudge is awful. It looks like they caught him mid-blink.

Here is where the "I didn't order that" part comes in.  The seller tossed in this 2001 Upper Deck Classic Drafts Fred Taylor jersey.  Hey, I'm all for throwing in extras, but I don't collect much football and I certainly don't collect Jacksonville Jaguars so if anyone wants this, let me know.


  1. Nice Pudges. If you do track down a Jacksonville Jaguar collector, let me know because I have a Jags autograph that I would like to move as well.

  2. Nice Pudge cards. I like it when sellers toss in bonus cards, but I think it strange when they include cards from another sport. I recently had blogged about a Nick Johnson card (when he was with the Marlins) I ordered and the seller sent 7 bonus FOOTBALL cards. Once I ordered a handful of team logo cards from Basketball and the seller included a bonus card of a hockey team logo card. At least that one it was team logos, but usually the bonus cards have no connection to what was ordered. I think if sellers are going to add bonus cards it should be something similar at the very least the same sport. The same team or a card from the same year/set would be preferred though and make more sense.

  3. Kudos to the eBay seller. Gotta love it when dealers throw in freebies.