Monday, March 17, 2014

Sometimes it's good to get back to work

Especially if you have this waiting for you.

12 packages makes for a nice welcome back.

Some of you may be wondering about the weekend contest.  By my count there were 45 different potential hobbies listed.  Some are similar enough to be grouped together and some were downright funny.  I'll let you know that NOBODY got the right answer.  A couple were in the ballpark (more like the ballpark in the city next to the city with the correct ballpark) and some of the guesses were things that I do, but wouldn't consider a hobby.  I want to give this post the attention it deserves so I may not post the answer and winner until Tuesday or Wednesday.  Everyone that entered will go into the randomizer for the Heritage rack pack.

Until then...thanks for keeping the blog company while I was away last week.


  1. YOU are just afraid to admit that it was Tiddlywinks!!!

    1. I would SO admit it was tiddlywinks if it was. I'd even post a video.

  2. I think you have me beat. There's eight to ten packages waiting for me to crack open when I have a few minutes to spare. First there were stacks of cards piling up on my desk... now I have stacks of packages containing cards piling up on my desk. Does it ever end?