Sunday, March 9, 2014

Everyone loves Phun

Phun.  It's just the best.  Everyone wants to have Phun.  Girls, they wanna have Phun.  You want to have Phun at home, on vacation, even maybe a little at work.  Phun is the way to go.  Every year, i hope to have at least a little Phun.    

Well, this week, I got some Phun.

Of course, by Phun, I mean some Phun cards from Paul over at Phungo.  I don't normally save wrappers, but I really tried to preserve this Phungo wrapper.  If you're not familiar with Phungo cards, or worse yet, you've never received Phungo cards, you need to get on Paul's good side.

Phungo cards never show up with just your favorite team or player.  That would be so boring.

I have to say, as much as I dislike Arod, this picture is fantastic.  His eyes are closed and it looks like he is so frustrated.  Tsk, tsk.

Catcher.  Check.  Ranger catcher.  Double Check.  Wearing sweet Rangers colored gear.  Oh yea.  With a ball cap even.  Nice.

Cliff Lee may hold a team record for causing the most angst in the least amount of time and leaving without so much as a wave goodbye.  I mean, if they kept statistics for those things.

Sweet Pudge, even if it is a Nationals card.

It looks like Michael Young is dressed for the cold weather.

Grooming is not Prince's strong suit, but the Rangers won't be paying him to shave.

Hands down, my favorite Phungo card of the year is this Theodore Roosevelt card.  I'm hoping Phungo does a presidential set.

Lest ye new bloggers think Phungo only sends his 100% authentic custom cards, I've included a few scans of some of the cards made by other manufacturers.

Someone help me.  There is no way Frank Tanana ever got anyone out with that windup.  My baby sister threw just like that and we always said she threw like a girl.  You know, because she's a girl.

Hi, I'm Gene Green of Green's Morgue.  You stab 'em, we slab 'em.  Seriously, this could be a picture from a business advertisement.  Still, it's Washington Senators greatness and look, Gene was a Catcher-Outfielder!  Awesomesa...oops, I almost said awesomesauce.  Damn it...I did say it.  Sorry Night Owl.

This 1966 Pete Richert fascinates me.  He's fake pitching in an empty stadium with a representative of the local church choir under his armpit.  Very strange.

You want mis-cut cards!?  I'll give you mis-cut cards!!  This Tom Grieve showcases the wonderful early '70s Rangers uniform.   Tom is a pretty good TTM signer, so I think I may send this one off to get it signed.

What's more Phun than a mini?  How about a 1975 mini!!  It looks like Jim is about to fall backward .  Glad I'm on more stable ground here.

Paul, thanks for an awesome package of Phungo cards.


  1. Cool Phungo cards...and your sister probably threw harder than Frank Tanana too.

  2. Solid pack review, Hopefully 2015 Phungo will contain more current Rangers cards. And you nailed the reaction I wanted on the A-Rod card. Love seeing the frustration bubbling out of his head.