Monday, March 3, 2014

Everyone's Baseball Dad

My dad has been gone a little over 5 years.  That's why it's nice to have a Baseball Dad to send me cards now and then.  Jack's postings have been sporadic of late, but he's very busy which I think we can relate to so I hope he's back to regular posting soon.

I won't clobber you with too many of the Rangers he sent, but I will try to entertain you a little.   Very, very little.

Ed is wearing the sweet Rangers uniform I grew up with and love so much.  Ed is also displaying the relaxed "I'm going to pretend I'm ready to pitch" smile.

You'll notice Kenny Rogers, a ToppGold superstar, is sporting the "omg, I have pitch this ball really hard or I'll never get another contract that pays me the big bucks so I can shove a cameraman" face.

How about this really cool Safe Hit Texas Vegetables card.  It's from a 1995 National Pastime Phil Rizzuto set.  I've never seen it before, but it's based on some old advertising signs.  It's a good choice.  I mean, you look up "Safe Hit Texas Vegetables" on Google and see the other sign they could have use.  I think they made the right choice considering today's social landscape.

I feel honored to have so many followers, although of the 247, I think a good number of them are inactive on the blogs anymore.  Still, I never thought I'd have that many.  Especially since I keep showing Will Clark cards.  I mean there's one guy in particular who says he reads my stuff, but if I keep posting these Clark cards, I don't know how long he'll stay around.  Look at the comment he made on this post!

Ok ok, I'm not trying to beat a dead "Nuschler" into the ground, but look at the size of that Pudge!  I think Will is stretching the truth a bit on how big Pudge is, sort of like one of his tall fishing tales.

I received some of these Stand Up Guys cards in trades before, but never all 4 at the same time.  I guess they came 1 at a time and you had to get a the right pair to make a match.

Dad sent all 4 parts so I could make all 4 players.

You have Juan Gonzalez...

...Ivan Rodriguez...

...Rusty Greer...

...and, oh crap, it's Will again.  Sorry, gotta go.

(Oh yea, thanks Dad!)


  1. You know, I never sent you all of the Rangers Will Clark cards that i have, LOL.

  2. Nice haul. Those standup puzzle things would drive me nutty until I had a complete set. That reminds me there are a ton of sets from my childhood that I still need to complete, and some of them have puzzle backs.

  3. Glad you liked the cards !

    I will get back to posting when I get my PC fixed.
    Blogger doesn't seem to like IE 11 and I can't post pictures right now.
    I'm going to try switching to Chrome.

  4. I tried switching to Chrome, but I like the original Topps better. Thanks for showing the Stand-Up Guys insert. I've always wanted to see what a completed one looked like.