Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Feeling Charitable

Sometimes I'm in a giving mood and hold a contest or mail out a random package.  Sometimes I'm in a taking mood and I want, want, want.  I try not to let that side take over because that leads to  trouble on the home front.

And then there's the time when I get to give a little and get a little.  That's what happened for all of us who took part in View from the Skybox's Typhoon Haiyan charity break. I chipped in for the Rangers and a random team.  My random team ended up being the Cardinals, which I was happy about.  I can always trade Cards cards.

Kolten Wong.  Kolten Wong.  Kolten Wong.  I love saying that name.  Kolten Wong.  This one is #/299 or some such.

I can't be 100% sure, but I'm just guessing that the majority of Cardinals fans no longer miss this guy.  Not at $30 million/season.

Excuse me sir, could you pass the Gibson cloth?  No fool better wipe his hands on Bob Gibson.

Ok, those of you under 35 might not make this next connection, but if you are over 35, I defy you to look at this Donovan Osborne card and not be reminded of this...


I know many of us are "over" relic cards, but I still want to see a game used catcher's helmet card.  I'm not talking about the face mask part, I'm talking about a nice big chunk of plastic.  I'd pay top dollar for that.

Here's a Finest Chris Carpenter #/299.  Blue isn't the best color for the Red Birds.  

Ok, I also had the Rangers.  I was happy with the results.  

Hey look.  An unlicensed sticker auto. Sweet.  (What is the font for showing a word dripping with sarcasm?)
Seriously though, I'm not complaining about getting the auto.  I'm glad I got it. No, really.  

This one I really do like.  It's the gold version of Elvis Andrus from Topps Archives #55/199.

Chris included a couple of unopened packs in the box as well.  One was one of those Wacky Pack things and I love the Oliver the Ump card.  I'm guessing there was a play at the plate just out of view.

This card is from the same set as the Texas Vegetables card I showed the other day.  This pin-up card is great.  Whew, I need a cold shower.

My 2nd most favoritested card is this 2013 Topps mini Mitch Moreland pink parallel, #8/25.

My mostest favoritested card of the break was this 2013 Archive Charlie Hough ON CARD (WHOOO HOOO) card.  I've been close to buying one of these on Ebay and now I don't have to.

Chris, thanks for doing a good deed and letting me be a small patr of it!


  1. Vintage is good... vintage pin-up is awesome!!

  2. We may look back on these unliscensed Panini cards with nostalgia in years to come, and Panini is no border card

  3. Nice pick ups. Love the weird ohs thing. The vintage ad is sweet as a Georgia Peach or something.

  4. I remember the ice skating fiasco, I have the pin-up too, but was keeping her for myself ! (I actually have the whole set, it's sweet !)

  5. I rarely ever participate in group breaks... but was glad to be a part of this one. Kudos to View From the Skybox for putting this together.

  6. LOL Tonya Harding. She has not aged well at all compared to Nancy Kerrigan.

    PS: I'm under 35.

  7. Glad they arrived safely! Thank you for making it happen, Brian!