Saturday, October 31, 2009

Hot Boxes and Trade Packages

The first time I realized there was such a thing as a "hot box" was when I bought a box of 2002 Fleer Ultra Football Cards. I don't remember the details about the box, but you were supposed to get one or two hits per box. I pulled 12 jersey cards. At the time I thought that was the best thing ever, but 7 years later those cards might fetch $1 or $2 on Ebay. I only have a couple of them left anyway.

That leads me to trade packages. I love getting those in the mail. It is like getting your own hand selected hot box. Every card in there is one you want...sometimes they are "hits", sometimes team favorites or set needs, sometimes even vintage cards of favorite players or teams. Many times the trade packages have cards that were not mentioned in the trade, but were added by the other person just because they were being generous. As you all know, there are many generous people out there.

Trading is what drew me in to the blogosphere. I somehow came across somebody's blog and then while checking their blogroll, noticed people were trading cards. Good old-fashioned who cares about the price guide, let's make a deal where both parties are happy, take me back to my childhood trading. After much delay, I decided to start blogging too. It has been a great way to look back and reflect on my collecting days and has been just as fun as the trading.

I've been delaying posting my trades because I don't have a scanner and that is about to end. I've done nearly 40 trades now (15 more than above) and until I get a scanner, I'm going to start taking pictures of my end of the trades. I still get a kick out of seeing the cards I sent to someone posted on their blog and I think it's time I started returning the favor. I enjoy reading everyone else's trade posts and seeing some of the cards that are racking up the airline miles going to various points across the U.S and around the world.

So, thanks to all of you who have traded with me, held contests that I won (and didn't win), and generally made this hobby fun for me again. I can't promise that the trade posts will be in order, but if we have traded, it will definitely be posted somewhere along the way.


  1. I think we all need to take up a collection to get you a scanner! You have been trading like crazy and I wanna see what you've gotten! Happy Halloween!

  2. You've got some work ahead of you, don't you?

  3. Woah! O.O And I thought the 7-10 I'm about to be sending out was a lot of bubble mailers.

    And on that note, the cards you sent arrived over the weekend. You are one of the 7-10 I'll be sending out the latter half of the week (I hope).

  4. I love seeing my trades in the blogosphere, and the reactions are priceless!

  5. The answer is no, no I don't have anything else to do tonight but keep commenting...

  6. Any package from the netherlands ? Anyways, happy blog birthday !!