Thursday, October 29, 2009

Playoff Pack Breaks Part 11

The 2009 World Series Got underway in what is sure to be another Yankees championship. But wait, no one told the Phillies they weren't supposed to win. I'm sure the Yankees are still the favorite and Arod is the favorite to get the MVP, but how about we let them play the games before we go giving out trophies. Now, on to the pack break. I may not have gotten a hit during the game, but I did get one afterwards.

World Series Game 1: Phillies 6 Yankees 1
Phil lead 1-0
Can Cliff Lee pitch on zero days rest? Just a thought.

26 Hiroki Kuroda
He looks really happy on this card. I wonder what he was thinking?

50 Mike Schmidt
He's happy today.

A-NM Nick Markakis
Sweet, an on-card auto from Mr. Nick Markakis! I love some on-card auto goodness. You can see a scan of the card over at Beardy's blog.

148 David Price
Hey Troll, does this guy have any upside? Just kidding.

I'd love it if I only had to bust 3 more packs to done with the playoff pack breaks...hint, hint. Go PHILS!


  1. Dynamite pull on the Markakis auto! If I've said it once, I've said it a thousand times: you can never have too many cards of players of Greek descent, you just can't. Congrats!

  2. Schmidt cards are always awesome!! Just like the on-card red ink auto that Sam pulled earlier this year!!