Monday, October 12, 2009

Playoff Pack Breaks Part 3

Well, I need to catch up with the break since I couldn't post Friday or Saturday so let's get to it. We have two packs of 2008 Stadium Club for Friday's two games and then we'll start on the Goodwin for Saturday and Sunday.

Friday--Game 1: Yankees 4 Twins 3
Yankees lead 2-0

75 Johan Santana

115 Brandon Boggs--Rangers goodness

68 Gary Sheffield

178 Josh Banks (Padres) Photographer's Proof auto #44/99--a sucky sticker auto, but that makes one auto in every blaster I've bought

144 Justin Ruggiano First Day Issue

Friday Game 2: Angels 4 Red Sox 1
Angels lead 2-0

77 Dan Uggla

98 Roberto Clemente--maybe the best card in the set

130 Brian Barton

25 Edinson Volquez

142 Greg Smith First Day Issue

That takes care of Friday and the Stadium Club.

The rest of the cards for the break will be 2009 Goodwin

Saturday Game: Dodgers 5 Cardinals 1
Dodgers sweep 3-0 Congrats to Night Owl, GCRL and any other Dodger blogger!

116 Kristi Yamaguchi--if they had to put a skater in why not Katarina Witt?

93 Daisuke Matsuzaka

77 Manny Ramirez mini

90 Jonathan Toews--Blackhawks hockey--I'm not thrilled about getting two non-baseball cards in one pack

Sunday Game 1: Phillies 6 Rockies 5
Phillies lead 2-1

75 Carlton Fisk--nice card of one of my favorites

102 Curtis Granderson

128 Bill Rodgers--marathoner, I've seen a lot of the auto'd versions on other blogs

138 Gary Sheffield

Sunday Game 2: Angels 7 Red Sox 6
Angels sweep 3-0
I'm not going to pile on Papelbon, but thanks! For nothing. Now my two least favorite AL teams are in the ALCS. I hope they play 7 games and they all go 15 innings and the eventual winner gets swept in 4.

20 Grady Sizemore

47 Nick Markakis

23 Kevin Youklis mini

81 Wayne Gretzky

Sunday Game 3: Yankees 4 Twins 1

Yankees sweep 3-0

See above comment regarding the Yankees/Angels

132 Chien-Ming Wang

143 Derrick Rose

147 Mark Teixeira

27 Derrek Lee

Figures I'd pull two Yankees in that pack. We'll back with another pack after Monday's Phils/Rocks game.

Pretty much everything is up for trade if you want/need it.


  1. What's wrong with a little guchi? I don't even think the first pack of this I opened had a single baseball card in it??