Friday, October 9, 2009

Playoff Pack Breaks Part 2

Tonight I'll continue with the Pack per Playoff Game break. Wednesday's three pack break of 2008 Stadium Club didn't yield much, but we have 5 more packs from that blaster to go. We'll get to the next three right now.

Game 1: Rockies 5 Phillies 4
Series now tied 1-1 (Like you didn't know that already)

1 Chase Utley

85 Matt Holiday--this is a good shot, a horizontal picture, bat coming forward, ball frozen in mid-air...and a huge section of empty seats in the background.

50 David Wright

53 Josh Hamilton--first Ranger, but I think I have it already.

105 Chris Carter First Day Issue

Game 2: Dodgers 3 Cards 2
Dodgers up 2-0

80 Ryan Braun

82 Manny Ramirez--the infamous "No umpire, actually in Boston, Dodger Manny card"

56 Garrett Atkins--reaching to swing at a ball that is definitely out of the strike zone

119 Jed Lowrie

106 Eric Hurley First Day Issue--2nd Ranger and one I needed

Game 3: Angels 5 Red Sox 0
Angels lead 1-0. I'm not a Red Sox fan, but I DO not want to see the Angels win

52 Vernon Wells--nice shot of him semi-diving to catch a ball

89 Hideki Matsui

14 Prince Fielder

131 Sean Rodriguez--another bunting shot

121 Matt Tolbert First Day Issue

There you have it. Nothing special again, but at least a couple of Rangers this time.

I won't be able to post after Saturday's games so I'll post 6 packs late Sunday night. Still hoping for a hit in the last two packs of Stadium Club. I've purchased 3 previous discounted blasters and pulled an auto in each one.