Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Playoff Pack Breaks Part 4

Well, we come to the end of the League Divisional Series with a total of only 13 games being played. We have another pack of Goodwin to break as the Phillies celebrate an exciting win.

Game 1: Phillies 5 Rockies 4
Phillies win the series 3-1

Another bad outing from Huston Street and the Phillies don't have to worry about the Colorado weather anymore. Now they can worry about the Philadelphia weather.

12 Matt Cain

36 Lyndon Johnson

108 Tim Lincecum mini--his windup is really too big for a mini.

57 Eli Manning--in Ole Miss uniform

Three Giants is a lot for a 4 card pack, even if one of them is a New York Football Giant. I do like the Lincecum mini though.

It looks like we should have Phils/Dodgers on Thursday and then both series going on Friday. I'll be back with more playoff pack breaks later this week.