Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Playoff Pack Breaks Part 6

I know you're all wondering where I've been these last few days. You've been worried sick about it. You have probably been unable to watch any playoff games, fearing the worst. OK, ok, I exaggerate. I've been sick and other than the briefest of posts about an incredible play at the plate in the Yankees/Angels game over the weekend, I didn't have the energy to do anything. I've spent some time this evening trying to get caught up on the blog posts of many a blogger and now I'll catch up on my playoff pack breaks. I have six packs to open for games on Friday through Monday nights. Without further adieu or delay let's bust a few packs of Goodwin.


Game 2 NLCS: Phillies 1 Dodgers 2
Series tied 1-1

5 Albert Pujols

146 Phil Hellmuth

54 Kosuke Fukudome mini

25 Hunter Pence

Game 1 ALCS: Angels 1 Yankees 4
Yankees lead 1-0

49 Ryan Braun

79 John Lackey

2383 Manny Ramirez 20th Anniversary

First of all, it's disturbing to have a card numbered 2383 in any set. I feel cheated out of a 4th card I might actually want in this pack.

62 Yogi Berra


Game 2 ALCS: Angels 3 Yankees 4
Yankees lead 2-0

104 Nate McLouth

130 Brandon Webb with apocalyptic background

237 Brad Ziegler mini

115 Smarty Jones

Game 3 NLCS: Dodger 0 Phillies 11
Phillies lead 2-1

26 Hiroki Kuroda

50 Mike Schmidt

80 Ivan Rodriguez

37 Whitey Ford

Game 4 NLCS: Dodgers 4 Phillies 5
Phillies lead 3-1
Heartbreaker for the boys in blue.

105 Evelyn Ng

13 Bill Skowron

121 Dustin Pedroia mini

85 Lance Berkman

Game 3 ALCS: Yankees 4 Dodgers 5
Yankees lead 2-1

39 Jay Bruce

65 Tiger Woods

39 Jay Bruce Gypsy Back mini

142 Zack Greinke

That finishes the first blaster of Goodwin. I guess the "hit" of the blaster must be the Bruce Gypsy back mini. I have one more blaster of Goodwins for the playoff breaks. Hopefully something better will show up.


  1. eleven to nothing! That's gotta hurt! Unless you happen to like red pinstripes!!

  2. Just noticed on the side bar that I hadn't won a contest on your blog this year... it's my goal to make sure I remedy this via this contest! I'm in... and Richard, stop commenting!!!