Thursday, October 8, 2009

Playoff Pack Break

I picked up four blasters so I could break one pack for each game of the playoffs. I doubt that 44 packs will be enough to get me through the end of the World Series, but I'll deal with that when the time comes.
Now, what are we busting? Well it IS the playoffs, but it's not this:

I have in front of me three blasters of Goodwin goodness and one of 2008 Stadium Club (discounted to $9.97). I'll bust one pack for each game and post the results...sans images of course since I still have't pulled the trigger on getting a scanner. So here we go, starting with the 2008 Stadium Club:

I know people have issues with this set, but the photography is very nice (for the most part) and I love discounted blasters.

Game 1: Phils 5, Rocks 1

11 David Ortiz--meh

104 Gregor Blanco (Braves)--bunting...hmm someone collects bunting shots

101 Luke Hochevar

29 Delmon Young--interesting, he's sliding back into first after a pick-off attempt against Detroit

111 Ryan Tucker First Day Issue (Marlins)

Game 2: Yanks 7, Twins 2

4 Todd Helton--really, a batting cage shot. Did the photographer have a plane to catch?

116 Johnny Cueto

58 Jose Reyes

73 Greg Maddux--stretching, I expect better from SC

114 Michael Aubrey First Day Issue (Indians)

Bonus...checklist, yawn! Bring back the rainbow of colors you used back in the 70's.

Game 3: Dodgers 5, Cards 3

83 Chipper Jones--funny shot after he slides into and past 2nd base

112 Joey Votto

31 Carl Crawford

37 Hanley Ramirez

117 Hernan Iribarren First Day Issue (Brewers)

Well, nothing spectacular, but a few I need for the set.