Thursday, October 22, 2009

Playoff Pack Breaks Part 9

Thank you Mr. Fuentes for dragging this series out a little longer. Hall of Famer and TV announcer Joe Morgan (I think you're required to refer to him as a Hall of Famer by some law) commented that the Angels would win game 6 if they could win game 5. I hope he's right. I say wear yourselves out Yankees and Angels. I hope it goes to a game 7 and C.C. has to pitch. I'd really like to see the Phillies sweep the Series. Won't that make Spring Training come sooner? On to the latest Goodwin playoff pack break.

Game 5 ALCS: Yankees 6 Angels 7
Yankees lead 3-2.

149 Ryan Ludwick
Really not a flattering card.

11 Johnny Bench
I do like some catcher goodness, especially a Hall of Famer like Bench.

2012 Jack Nicklaus 20th Anniversary
VOTC bound.

54 Kosuke Fukudome

Well, Bench saved that pack from being the worst one yet.

Phillies, get your rest!!


  1. Phillies got plenty of rest this season!!

  2. I'm in... Richard, stop commenting, I need more entries than you...