Friday, October 23, 2009

Playoff Pack Breaks Part 10

The ALCS Game 6 was rained out on Saturday...again with the breaking news! However, I have plenty of Goodwin packs left to cover the World Series so we'll do Game 6A for the rainout and Game 6B for the real game 6 from Sunday night.

Game 6A: Rainout

36 Lyndon Johnson

Maybe LBJ will make an appearance in the 2010 A&G in a Conspiracy Theory for thought.

44 Barack Obama Moonlight SP

This nothing for or against Obama as President ( I do have an opinion, but that's a different blog), but ENOUGH Obama cards please!

97 Johan Santana mini

37 Whitey Ford

I do like the old-timers on the retro cards.

ALCS Game 6B: Angels 2 Yankees 5
Yankees win the ALCS 4-2
Nothing like giving away the deciding game of the ALCS. Let's hope the Phillies are a little less generous than the Angels.

95 Alfonso Soriano

122 Jonathan Papelbon

31 Hanley Ramirez mini

121 Dustin Pedroia

Not a bad pack if you're a Red Sox fan...which I'm not.

I'm still hoping for some type of hit before the end of the box.

See you back here for Game 1 of the World Series. GO PHILLIES!


  1. beginning to wish that Mr. Papelbon had remained a SAWX!!

  2. Mr. Papelbon is the least of your concerns there Richard!