Sunday, July 31, 2011

Don't look at me, I didn't pick out his name

I was trolling the Topps Diamond Giveaway site a few days ago making offers for those last few die cut cards I want when I saw a Washington Senators card that I just had to have.

How great is that name? Don't go thinking I just traded for it because of his name either. I needed that card for my extended Rangers collection that includes the pre-Rangers Senators cards.

Check out that season he had in 1967 at York. A fine 2.81 ERA with an 0-16 record. That's brutal! Dick only played one season in the majors and you can see all his stats on the back of this card. 21 games, 1-5 record and a 7.56 ERA.

Now I need to add his 1970 Topp Senators Rookie card and I'll have the entire Dick Such collection. Get your mind out of the gutter...

On a side note, the July contest starts tomorrow. It involves my mother-in-law and a pre-birthday birthday gift!


  1. When i first picked up this card as a kid, I wondered whether he pronounced his last name the same way we say it in English...or if he used a more Germanic diction that made the "ch" sound like a "k." For his sake, I hoped it was the former.

    "Such" are the things that travel through a 17 year-old mind.

  2. Haha. I like that your Dick card from the Giveaway was pertinent to a collection. My Dick Lines card...totally random...but so worth it!

  3. Well, there was a Tony Suck in the 1800's. He did. And good ol' Johnny Dickshot.

    But I had to look up that York team. The White Roses (yes, that was their name) scored just 351 runs in 138 games. That's 2.54 runs per game.

    They had a team mark of .217 / .302 / .276. Yes, a .276 SLG for the team!

    They hit 27 home runs as a team. Del Unser led them with six. Brant Alyea had five and led the team with a .336 SLG.

    The pitchers, though, gave up just 26 home runs. The whole league was an offensive suck - they averaged less than a double per game and teams scored just 3.24 runs per game.

    An entire season of 3-2 and 2-1 games.

    Such gave up 17 unearned runs. With such lousy hitting, there was no margin for error (as it were).

  4. Me and Chris were on the same wavelength with the pronunciation thing, I was sure it was said SUCK, too...
    I also thought about his name written like this:
    Such,Dick. A perfect name for a Yankee!