Wednesday, July 6, 2011

A little organizational help please

I’m in the process of organizing my Rangers team collection. I started it last year and got bored with it pretty quick. Now, in an effort to cut back on the number of 1987 Rangers I receive, I thought I better finish up the process.

I need a little help finding team checklists. I’ve been using a great website,, to find many of the Rangers checklists for various products/ manufacturers, but it’s not 100% complete. Does anyone have any other suggestions for sites to find team checklists? I appreciate any input you might have.

Also, I mailed out 12 packages yesterday. There were a couple of grumpy folks behind me in line, but I suspect they’ll get over it soon enough.

If you live in one of the following zip codes, you should get a package from me in the next couple of days. Unless of course there is more than one blogger in your zip code.

The UK…I know that’s not a zip code…


  1. The checklist page on has been helpful for me.

  2. yep. I use teamsets4u for all my team lists. don't forget to scroll to the bottom to get multi-team cards included as well.

  3. I agree, TeamSets4U is a great reference for team sets.

  4. should i type the same thing as the last three guys, or would that be considered redundant?

  5. What the wise Captain Canuck said... That is the resource I use. It aint perfect, I have found a few cards not on their lists that are from MY team, but for the most part its great... The problem is there are SOOOO many different sets each year. I started printing EVERY list for my team, but I was killing a lot of trees and going through printer $$$ ink quick. I started just doing Topps, Upper Deck, Bowman and Heritage and then filing the other stuff randomly by year... I am glad that my team wasn't around during the junk wax era, ha... Cheers mi amigo!

  6. Others have mentioned it...but I'll add that the guy who set up TeamSets4U (Jeff) is a solid hobbyist. You can't go wrong with that site.

  7. Dunno how helpful it will be but I found this:

    You can select other years, oddballs, inserts, etc...