Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Vintage Troll

Good old Troll. Well, not so much old as vintage.

Marck from Troll at the Plate (still funny) is one of those guys I don't really trade with anymore. We just send each other packages from time to time.

The latest package to arrive from the Sunshine State included a couple of cool Roller Derby items, a few random catchers and a few Rangers. And three great vintage cards.

We'll start off with one of those cards that doesn't fit into my team collection. It does fit into the category of vintage catchers in what I call "the pose". It's more like "the squat", but that sounds a little vulgar.

This is a great 1965 Topps Jerry Zimmerman. This card is in amazing condition. The corners are nice, the centering is's an all-around great card.

Next up is another 1965 Topps card.

The condition of this Gil Hodges card sort of fits how I've always thought of him. Grizzled and rough around the edges. The great thing about this card is that it meets my need for pre-Rangers Senators cards.

By the way, if you have any 1965 cards, hit up the Troll's 1965 wantlist right here. He has almost 75% of the set and he's got doubles to trade.

The final card I'll show is the best one.

The 1956 Topps set is probably my favorite set ever, and I love the play at the plate cards. I don't know where the Troll digs these up, but I'm grateful he's a generous dude. This Bobby Hofman is vintage proof that not all Giants cards suck the will to live right out of me. This one is pure greatness.

Marck, thanks for your generosity! Keep on rockin' down there in sunny Florida!


  1. I once sold Jerry Zimmerman a lot of John Olerud rookie cards. Jerry was the scout that signed him. He came into the LCS that I was working at. Really a nice guy.

  2. If Bobby Hoffman wasn't a Giant, I would suggest you make that your blog header... It is a pretty awesome PATP. Glad ya liked everything! I have found a few more Senators cards for ya that will find their way into the mail someday... Cheers!